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MOSS/WSS tells me: “The page has been modified by another author on …” but actually, it was not.

We did some heavy duty re-organizing of our site taxonomy via "Manage Content and Structure".  For reasons unknown to me, this process (though working in the main) broke some navigation links in the quick launch.  The broken links are characterized by:

  • Wrong URL.  For example, it should be "/sites/departments/HumanResources/…".  However, the new link is "/sites/Corporate/HumanResources/…".
  • Repeated bits on the query string of the heading, as in:


That’s easy enough to fix via site settings/navigation.  Except, MOSS presents me with this when I try and do it:

The fact is, no one is making any change there (aside from me, of course).

A quick search turns up this MSDN forums discussion:

William Heurdier lays it out nicely in the the penultimate (as of 10/02/07) post:

Fact is:

To reset corrupted headings, you have to :

– remove all the lists under corrupted heading

– remove corrupted heading

– From the list settings, add a removed list to the quick launch (This regenerate a non corrupted heading)

You are then good to go….

Sharepoint Expert – Sogeti Cap Gemini Switzerland

I was a bit confused because I kept wanting to go to the navigation page, make the change and then get hit with the "page was modified" message.  Eventually, I realized I had to go to the list settings and remove/add it to quick launch.  That did the trick.  Happy times are here again!


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2 responses to “MOSS/WSS tells me: “The page has been modified by another author on …” but actually, it was not.

  1. Mad September 22, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    Thanks. I just ran into this problem.

  2. Tom October 13, 2009 at 2:34 am

    Publishing features need to be deactivation on the site collection. So the links won\’t be corrupt again. Else if we edit the link again it will be currupt

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