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Quick Tip: Content Query Web Part, Lookup Column Value and XSL

I have a column name in a content type named "Real Estate Location".

That column is of type "lookup".

I have modified <CommonViewFields> and ItemStyle.xsl to show the column.

A simple <xsl:value-of select=…> returns back an internal value that includes ordinal position data, such as:


To get the human-friendly value, use xsl substring-after, as shown:

<xsl:value-of select="substring-after(@Real_x005F_x0020_Estate_x005F_x0020_Location,’#’)"></xsl:value-of>

Use this technique whenever you are working with lookup values in XSL transforms and need to get the human-friendly value.


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3 responses to “Quick Tip: Content Query Web Part, Lookup Column Value and XSL

  1. Chris December 27, 2007 at 7:48 pm

    Thank you so much for this great tip! I will be using this in a up-and-coming project, and you have helped me get off on a good foot already!
    Thanks again! (And I didn\’t get you anything for Christmas!)

  2. Unknown May 30, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    Any advice on why I cannot get my lookup columns to display on the Content Query Web Part? Did you have to do anything special in your  <CommonViewFields> for lookups?

  3. Vivian August 9, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    Hi Paul, It looks like what you are describing here is the solution to what I need, but am unfortunately a newbie in XSL and can\’t figure it out from your post above. Let me quickly explain what I am trying to do and what I need and would greatly appreciate your help :)I am creating product pages in a document library and in this library I am associating values through columns to each page, e.g. Page name: Product A and in that row a column "Market applicability". The values that are available for "market applicability" are in a custom list in a separate library and are imported via a look-up and then defined that various options are possible (in that column). Now let\’s say product A is available in the US & Canada and we select those in the column attributes to the page. I would like to have US & Canada then appear on the page itself and I think what you are discussing above is the answer to my question – now the big Q is exactly how do I implement it?My company does not allow me to work with sharepoint designer and we do not have the DFWP web part available :s so I have been doing the majority of my alterations with code in CEWP (I also have a XML/XSL web part available if that helps).The only solution that my web management team has given me is to create an alternative view of the product page document library for that product and include that view in my page – however given that we have over 200 products and I have this issue with 4 columns (market applicability, target audience, etc.) I do not want to spend my time creating 1,000 views.My site structure is as follows:Product A page: page document library: list with values: you please advise me what code I need to use in order to include the market applicability values of "US & Canada" (in this case) in my product page?Thanks so much for your help!Vivian

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