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It seems fairly common in the political blogging world for a given blog to host a "guest blogger".  When I’m in political blog land I must be wearing a different pair of eye glasses because it never occurred to me that "guest blogging" might make sense for a technical blog like mine.  That is, until I read this post by Kanwal Khipple over at The Best of SharePoint Buzz- January 2008

Thinking on it, I believe there could be a lot of people out there in SharePoint land that have the itch to put together an article, short or long, technical or more business oriented, etc, but don’t run their own blog for all the usual reasons.  If you’re one of those people, I’d be happy to host it.  You can reach me via email or leave a comment.  I haven’t thought through any kind of guidelines, but I suppose that I’d want it to be oriented around SharePoint, but I also like to throw in some personal observations about consulting now and then.  I’m also trying to publish a "Sunday Funny" every week and I’m bound to run out of ideas for that.

If you’re a regular blogger already but would like to experiment with guest blogging, I’m definitely open to that too, either as a host or a guest 🙂


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