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Upcoming FAST Presentation, Wednesday 01/28, Noon EDT

I’ll be doing my first ever online presentation hosted by the mighty EMC marketing machine at 12:00 noon EDT on Wednesday, 01/28. I have no idea what to expect from this, in terms of attendance.  However, since I’m leading it, I can tell you what to expect if you make time for it.

I’m going to be describing what we here at EMC mean when we talk about "Enterprise Search."  I’m distinguishing between regular old SharePoint Search (which is quite useful by itself) and Enterprise Search, which is a much bigger, nastier, interesting and perplexing problem to solve.

I’m going to make the argument that FAST is a good tool to use while trying to solve the Enterprise Search problem (and I make some analogies to canals while I’m at it).  This obviously ties into SharePoint and will be a part of the community’s fabric over the course of 2009 and beyond.  That’s the hook for anyone reading my blog here.

If you’re interested in FAST, I think you’ll find enough useful information to justify the time spent listening to me talk about it.

It’s a marketing presentation, but all of the marketing stuff is at the end, so you can always drop off at that point.

The mighty EMC marketing machine has provided me with a signup link, so please use it to register.


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One response to “Upcoming FAST Presentation, Wednesday 01/28, Noon EDT

  1. Dan January 26, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    Paul, looks like an interesting talk. FAST is quite a sweet product and definitely has some sweet capability above and beyond what MOSS search provides. Looking forward to the talk!

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