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Embed Developer Notes Inside Your InfoPath Forms

I’m still living in InfoPath Forms world and I needed to make one of those “small” changes to a form that, unfortunately, breaks a naming convention I adopted with it two weeks ago.  I thought to myself, “someone is going to look at this thing a year from now and say, ‘What was Paul thinking?  By Jove, his naming convention makes no sense!”

I realized that I could create a view on the form for this and then, once again, realized that I could have been doing something like this all along.  I added a “Developer Notes” view to the InfoPath form as such:

I’ve configured the form so that users can’t get to that view and therefore, it’s only visible with the InfoPath client in design view.  Now I feel a little inoculated against some future unknown developer looking at my form and thinking bad thoughts about me.  Phew!


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One response to “Embed Developer Notes Inside Your InfoPath Forms

  1. Seth July 20, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    Cool idea! To document my forms, I\’ve just adding the documentation in a section control and then adding conditional formatting to hide the section when 1=1. That way the documentation is always hidden when running the form, but is right at the top in front of the developers face in design time.

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