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Windows Live Spaces and Twitter Counter

I was DM’d a message from twitter today and thought I’d blog the answer.

The question is: “Hey Paul, quick one for you,how did you get the twitter counter into your live space as the script code is blocked when saved Thx”

I did this by adding a custom html widget to my live spaces page and using the little code snippet:

<a href=""   
   title="TwitterCounter for @pagalvin">   
   <img src=""     
        alt="TwitterCounter for @pagalvin">

This uses a version of the twitter counter widget interface that gets past the windows live censor thing that we all hate so much and wish would get a bad case of poison ivy.


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One response to “Windows Live Spaces and Twitter Counter

  1. Marc September 30, 2009 at 10:13 am

    This seems to show an out of date count (maybe 24 hours old?), but if you\’re not too caught up in the whole "how many people are following me?" thing, it works great. I just added this to my WordPress blog, as they have the same scripting restriction.

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